I established this site in 2015 as a way to share photos and keep in touch with family and friends.

That’s what I told myself anyway.  What I didn’t realize at the time is that I was in an emotionally abusive relationship, which was stripping me of my sense of self, leaving me to question my own sanity, and after the assault, at my lowest, I even contemplated suicide. The violence I endured on December 21, 2016 has left me with severe and permanent injuries all in the hands of a man I was in love with.  And I was in love with what he was mimicking or pretending to be, but he was nothing.  He was nobody because an actual human being would not have done or continues to do to me.

So why leave the photos up…well, unlike him, I’m not violent and don’t beat weaker people up when I don’t like what they say, even if it’s the truth.  You see, the nobody in my life used photos from the beginning of our relationship to validate my existence. He used them to punish.  He used them to set my worth.  I was afraid to post anything because I never knew how he was going to react. Did I mention he lied to me when I met him and didn’t tell me he and his ex wife hadn’t yet decided to divorce.  They were living in separate homes, but hadn’t yet decided to divorce.  He lied to me and said they had.  I didn’t learn until two years in. Oh yeah….the lies get worse but no point in going into all of them.

These photos depict the illusion he sold me on. My giddiness and joy was palpable as it was on his ex wife’s face, and is again on his his new supplier’s face.

I am grateful tonight to be here without him. I never have to worry about when he will throw me under the bus or when he will punish me.

I met nobody on Match.com on January 2, 2012, we went on our first date on January 7, 2012. He assaulted me on December 21, 2016 and we ended August 4, 2017. The hardest thing I have had to do is accept that the relationship was non-existence. He wasn’t real. None of it was real except the permanent and severe damages to my physical and emotional health.

The site stays up as a symbol to me and to demonstrate I am no longer under his control. I know it sounds strange but it’s not worth going into details of how he used photos to manipulate me.  I will leave these photos up until I a well.

Always listen to your gut. Don’t fall for the lies!